Council of Digital Marketing

Council of Digital Marketing or CODM is an organization committed to contributing towards the creation of skilled human capital for meeting the burgeoning need for Digital marketers and provide support for continuous learning for interested working professionals. It is built by a group of digital marketing professionals who share a love for disseminating knowledge and experience. The need for CODM arose as their online businesses felt the acute need for qualified professionals but could not find suitable talent. It was during these times of frustration that an idea for an Organization for building digital marketing skills took root which has evolved into the present Council of Digital Marketing.

Council of digital marketing

CODM has taken on the issue of bridging the skill-gap between industry requirements and existing proficiency levels of job seekers. It aspires to bring the balance back through application-based courses. CODM foresees that more businesses will go online, a trend which gained pace since the COVID19 pandemic. This has led to more people going online for buying basic necessities, conveniences, and almost every other thing under the sun. Businesses therefore would need to make the transition to online if not done already. This would mean a shift in perception and opportunities for individuals with the skill sets to build online operations or operate business processes.  

Why Have We Partnered With CoDM?

Our focus on excellence needed something extra, something which is not being offered by anyone else right now. And that meant thinking beyond offering the course. Thinking from a student’s perspective. Most coaching/training institutes teach outdated pedagogy using methodologies that are already past their expiry dates. After the completion of the course, many of these students have to fend off for themselves as they struggle to find decent jobs. They often struggle for weeks or in cases months till they get a job. But getting a job does not give them a peaceful career, they soon understand that their skills have become outdated.

This results in poor reviews by their employers, denial of a pay-raise, and even getting fired. This sudden negative outburst dampens the excitement of young professionals in their field and they treat their job as a burden. The businesses, in turn, are also hampered by individuals who are not the right fit for their position, and this results in a reduction in growth or even an overall decline. We believe that these issues are hampering everyone from students, young professionals to businesses, while little is being done by the majority of training centers to improve the situation. And that’s why we have partnered with the Council of Digital Marketing (CODM), USA.


How This Partnership Helps The Students?

MYINFOPIE along with CODM is providing a joint certificate that tells the prospective employers that the individual has successfully mastered the various facets of digital marketing. The certificate can be verified and it will save business owners or hiring team the hassles of checking the antecedents and skill background. The young professionals trained by Myinfopie and with dual certification are in a better position as it makes it easier for businesses to verify and hire prospective professionals.

Leading Edge Knowledge

To win tomorrow you need to have a balanced mix of leading-edge knowledge of today and real experience. This is exactly what the study content of CODM provides. The highly relevant and thorough content is created by subject matter experts which are continuously updated by CODM.

Certification in Digital Field

The CoDM Certification helps you to uphold your skill, knowledge, talents and gives you global acceptance. Businesses tend to spend a lot of time shortlisting candidates and assessing them based on their skills. To see if they are a good fit for their company. Even after hiring, it takes resources and time to train the new employees.

Additional Advantage: Verified Skill Job Portal (Coming Soon)

As we move ahead of 2020 and into 2021, it is clear that the Digital way of working is going to be more mainstream in the coming months and years. During our formative discussion with CODM, they explained that their goal is to also provide a platform where qualified professionals can be listed for the companies to hire them as independent contractors (freelancers) or as employees (contract/full time). This will be in our opinion, a much-needed bridge between the qualified job seekers and the businesses. 

It is an unsaid but open secret that people fib on their resumes. The cascading effects of this act can have a long time consequences. However, a portal as described above can be a real lifesaver not only for individuals with the requisite skills but also for the hiring managers for medium and small companies. The individuals with the right skills set in the right company can be mutually beneficial. It is high time the two ends come together. Because when the right elements come together, chances of success increase manifold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get CoDM certifications?
CoDM is the official education partner of MIP Academy. You can pursue the digital marketing course from MIP to get dual certifications from both MIP and CoDM.
Can I apply for a CoDM scholarship?
Yes, you can definitely apply for a CoDM scholarship. You would get detailed information from MIP Academy.
Where can I use my CoDM badge?
You can use your CoDM badge in your resume, business profile, and email to showcase your digital marketing skills.
What happens if I lose my CoDM certificates?
There is nothing to worry about, you just have to visit their official page, and enter your student id. Your softcopy of the certificate would be generated.
Will CoDm be a part of our regular classes?
Yes, The course content is designed in collaboration with CoDM. Our trainers are in constant touch with the CoDM professionals for the latest incorporation of global skills in the digital marketing industry.